Yoga Training Sessions


Yoga practices are meant for every age group and can be practice at any time of the day but morning is always recommended, only need is your stomach should be empty. 1 hour yoga practice takes care of other 23 hours of the day. It is a very good deal to tackle all health problems.

As Rich Heritage Yoga, we believe this ancient practice and feel proud to be a part of this knowledge and are able to serve people to achieve their health goals both mentally and physically. 

yoga anatomy and physiology course

Medical Yog Therapy

Medical yog therapy is a useful therapeutic method that can help injured body parts restore flexibility and mobility.
course yoga

Yoga Classes Online/Offline

Renew yourself, consider your life's goal, and identify a reasonable path to achieving it.
pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Yoga during pregnancy is a fantastic way to stay active. It benefits the body and mind while practicing mild and low-impact asanas.
kids yoga

Kids Yoga Class

Yoga can help kids keep their brains in check and prevents them from being distracted.
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